• Total Duration7 yrs
  • CEO
  • Dates Employed2015 – Present Employment Duration4 yrs
  • LocationShiraz-Iran

HVAC Trainer

  • Jul 2019 – Present
  • Employment Duration2 mos
  • LocationShiraz.Iran
  • Training young people in search of work as a social duty. It is free

Air Condition Designer

  • 2012 – Present Employment
  • Duration7 yrs
  • Design the HVAC system as per the requirements mentioned in the proposal through various stages like designing, fabricating, and testing. Apply the technical expertise and knowledge that will support the designing, manufacturing, testing, and troubleshooting and help in better delivery of the HVAC system
  • ....

BTGroup logo

BTGroup Business Development Manager

  • Company Name : BTGroup
  • Apr 2018 – Present
  • Employment Duration1 yr 5 mos
  • LocationShiraz

Agent @ AirTemp Co

  • Expert Sales Air Conditioning Systems
  • Company NameAgent @ AirTemp Co.
  • Dates Employed2013 – Jun 2018
  • Employment Duration5 yrs
  • LocationIRAN-SHIRAZ
  • Airtemp Corporation is Ferroli brand sole representative and sales distributor in Iran and provides technical information for the entire line of products sold by Airtemp. that Airtemp Corporation is our sole after sales service agent in the Iranian territories for all our products branded Ferroli made in Italy. In the meantime, this also to be known that Airtemp Corporation is a joint ventu