Skills and Abilities

With a comprehensive skillset and a proven track record, I bring a wealth of expertise to various facets of engineering and design:


  • Software Proficiency:

My proficiency in Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word enables me to conduct in-depth data analysis and create detailed reports. Additionally, I am well-versed in utilizing industry-standard software like AutoCAD Autodesk, Plant 3D Autodesk, and Hourly Analysis Program for precise engineering designs.

  • HVAC Expertise:

My extensive knowledge in HVAC Solution covers pump selection, duct design, mechanical room design, and air conditioning design. I excel in HVAC control system design, ensuring optimal environmental conditions are maintained.

  • Thermal Comfort Design:

I conduct thorough psychometric analyses to guarantee superior thermal comfort in various building environments.

  • Piping Mastery:

Proficient in both primary and secondary piping design, I ensure the efficient flow of fluids within systems.

  • Graphic Design and Editing:

Proficient in Photoshop and graphic design techniques, I create visually compelling presentations and documents with meticulous attention to detail.

  • Team Collaboration:

As a strong team player, I excel in collaborative environments, working seamlessly with colleagues to achieve project goals efficiently and effectively.

  • Revit and BIM Expertise:

I am an advanced user of Autodesk Revit, utilizing its features for detailed 3D modeling, parametric families, and construction documentation. I implement BIM methodologies to streamline workflows and enhance project coordination.

  • Air Conditioning Design:

My expertise in air conditioning design covers load calculations, equipment selection, ductwork layout, and control system integration, prioritizing energy efficiency and occupant comfort.

  • HVAC Control System Design:

Proficient in designing HVAC control systems, I integrate sensors, actuators, and controllers, and develop programming logic for optimal system performance and energy management.



My diverse skillset, coupled with advanced capabilities in Revit, BIM, Air Conditioning Design, and HVAC Control System Design, allows me to approach projects with a multifaceted perspective. I have a proven track record of delivering successful projects across various sectors, and I am committed to staying updated with the latest industry trends and technologies to ensure innovative and efficient designs.